10 Must Have Productivity Apps For Android

Productivity was one of the driving forces behind developing the mobile phone into the pocket computer that the latest smartphones have become. Some say social media is the opposite of productivity, or that work should stay in the office, but there’s no denying that dedicated apps make it more convenient than ever to perform tasks on a smartphone, and remain productive on the go. Here’s a look at ten of the best productivity apps available for Android.

Evernote (Price: Free with in-app purchases)

It’s one of the best known mobile apps for productivity, and with good reason as it’s powerful, fast and allows collaborative efforts, while making notes in about way you can think of. Video, voice, lists, text and images are all supported, with offline, cross-platform and syncing across devices available. There’s a good mix of free and premium options for everyday or highly customized use.

Google Drive Suite (Price: Free with in-app purchases)

Google maintains continuous development to keep its powerhouse of cloud productivity apps ahead of the game. It’s one of the most accessible routes into cloud storage for the individual or small business user. Google Docs, Sheets, Docs, Slides and Photos together cover most bases for everyday file storage, sharing and office productivity. They are familiar and intuitive to anyone raised on Microsoft Office and available anywhere.

CloudMagic Email (Offers in-app purchases)

This email client does a fantastic job bringing together and organizing email in one place, from Exchange and many other different accounts and mail platforms if you have them. CloudMagic users get a single profile that can be signed into from any Android device. CloudMagic can be expanded with calendar and productivity plugins, and a wealth of settings for syncing and sender profiles to keep track of who’s sending your mail and when.

Microsoft Apps (Free)

This is a kind of directory for all the apps that Microsoft has made available on the Play Store. Combined, they form the latest cloud-enabled iteration of their integrated suite of office and productivity apps. They all work together with OneDrive that comes pre-installed with Windows 10, so it’s the quickest route to an integrated cross-platform productivity suite across your laptop or desktop and portable Android device.

IF by IFTTT (Free)

This intriguing and powerful automation app, which stands for “If This Then That,” allows users to set up so-called recipes to leverage all kinds of apps and make them do things automatically, when other conditions are met. It’s great for sharing, archiving files and storing photos, avoiding repetitive and tedious tasks. It can take a bit of setting up but it’s highly accessible and tons of ready-made recipes are available online.

TeamViewer for Remote Control (Free)

Working with the TeamViewer desktop app, Remote Control lets you view and control your desktop remotely from an Android mobile device. It’s great for support and collaborative efforts or training, and supports multi-screen set-ups and full keyboard functionality. It’s even free to try and for personal use.

Slack (Free)

This slack, group based chat service lets you organise conversations between workgroups into channels, and store and search past conversations. Voice, text, instant messaging and file sharing are supported, and plugins for diverse third-party sites like Asana, Giphy or Google Drive are available.

Today Calendar (Price – $3.63)

This is an attractively simple, clean calendar app, influenced by the intuitive principles of Material Design. It’s engaging to use even for those who don’t use a calendar every day of the year. Schedules, events, invitations and lists can be created in the blink of an eye, and premium extensions can be added.

Trello (Free)

Trello is a completely free app, billed as a virtual sidekick that helps you organize and manage all your projects at home and at work. It lets you create “boards” to help focus your attention on one project at a time. Trello lets you share and collaborate with co-workers, and share tasks with a wealth of other apps across Android and other platforms. It co-ordinates with Dropbox and Google Drive, and also supports Android Wear devices.

Todoist (Offers in-app purchases)

Material Design comes to the fore again in this powerful development of the to-do list. It’s fast and easy to pick up and use. It also features collaborative and recurring tasks, and integrates across platforms and with many other apps. Annual subscriptions are available to gain access to all the best features.